What the HECK is wrong with the NECK?!

This project had been moving very smoothly until i reacehd step 23 on the pattern guide. Instead of paying close attention to what view I was making I proceeded from step 22 to step 23. About half way through the instructions on what to with the two neck band pieves i was throughly confused. . .” Why in the heck was it telling me to make a square type collar when in reality the picture of my view displayed it as more of the rounded collar?” ! Yep you guessed it .. I was doing the wrong view. Usually doing the wrong view isn’t much of a set back, you usally just take the seam ripper and back track your steps. But just my luck , this particular step required trimming the seam and clipping the curves , all which i had done before realising my mistake. Needless too say fixing this problem was what consumed most of my week in Fashion Desgin class. If I wasn’t such an ammature I could have worked with my now short and already sewn pieces, but due to my level of experience i just decided to re-cut the neck bands and start from scratch. Making a mistake like this can teach you a lot of things:

1. Pay EXTRA attention to the pattern guide.

2. Make sure you are very familar with the view you are making ( it’ll make it a lot eaiser to catch your mistake before you make errors that aren’t so easy to fix.)

3. I’m really just not “that good” …

4. The mistakes you make in five minutes can take you and hour and a half to fix.

On the bright side maybe this set back will help me out in the long run. I still can’t decide what I want to make for my next project. Rather than two options i’ve expanded my horizons and thought about making shorts along with either a linen pant, or dress pants.

A personal fashion problem I have been struggling with this past week is how to make the suttle transistion from summer to fall when it comes to my clothing. Im not quite ready to pull out the winter wordrobe ( although it is -30 degrees in this school), but i think the tiny tank tops have seen their last days until spring. This week has been unusually warm causeing my dilema even more complicated. So in search for a fall like wordrobe this is what i’ve stumbled upon: 

Bavarian Cardigan Unconditional Osier Dress



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One thought on “What the HECK is wrong with the NECK?!

  1. mrsdameron says:

    So funny! It sucks when we make mistakes, but oh how you have learned your lesson! It’s great that you have learned from it, and can express what you learned! I’m excited to see what you choose for the next project. Make sure it’s actually something you would wear, then you will take more care to do it correctly. 25/25

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